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27th April 2006

leswamp4:10am: Mod note-so glad I almost never have to post these.
I occasionally check the ljs of the members I'm not friended to at random.
I did so with lj user taufell and noticed a nasty rant which led me to believe they were basically a putz so I bumped them from the community.

No biggie.


14th July 2005

leswamp9:25pm: Moderator note.
You do not have to be my personal friend to get on this community.

In fact, we don't even have to like each other.

All I require is a belief that the people here will contribute meaningfully.

I also require a standard of good behavior.

This means everyone will be respectful and civil and those who can't abide
by that will be history as will those who reproduce any of the information
shared on this community without the express permission of the author/s.

Anyone who cannot agree to that will go peacefully or be banned.


11th July 2005

leswamp8:46pm: FRIENDS ONLY.

This community is for people who deal with alternate realities, walkabout,
astral travel or similar on a very frequent basis and have in depth interactions
with same. Check out out live journal info page for more details.
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